Through June and July we were all about balisongs and longblades. June was swallowed by the production of 3 very complicated high-end balisongs. These will probably become collector's items as I don't think we'll be going there again. The knives are great but the construction method is really above and beyond what can be expected from a shop that hopes to put out more than a handful of knives in a month. 

That was followed by the first Ti sandwich balisong. That was a home run. This is the model for the next 8 balisongs we will produce in 2016. Full steam ahead on those.

The other projects that consumed shop time were ginuntings. We perfected the acidwash on those blades and we are loving the results. The finish is durable and is perfect for a blade that will see some use. In addition to those we did a short run of 8 Coverts that we are finishing up right now. They all went out with custom handle options and they are looking great. This will be the last run of Coverts for 2016 as we are going to start producing them only twice yearly.

For the remainder of August and into November we will be focused on longblades and balisongs exclusively. 

Biegler Bladeworks is about to take a massive leap in terms of production for 2017. We have been growing throughout 2016 when we moved into the new shop. The next step is the purchase of a Vertical Machining Center that will both substantially increase production numbers and simultaneously facilitate and enormous increase in the scope of what we can produce. Essentially what that means is all of the drawings and ideas we've had sitting on our hard drives for 10 years will get a chance to see the light of day. And trust me, that will be a lot of exciting projects.

Posted on August 18, 2016 .