March update

The focus in the shop this month has been increased production. To that end we've added a few large machines that should enhance our ability to finish the larger pieces in a more timely fashion. Based on feedback from the fan base I decided that not only would we ramp up production on concealed carry fixed blades but try to at least double sword production. The machines are large and noisy but nothing terribly sexy yet unless you're into grinders and other metal-finishing equipment.

Production will continue at a good pace until mid-April when we'll dive head first into a large CNC vertical machining center. That will be an entirely new direction for Biegler Bladeworks and the prospects are very exciting. This will definitely enhance what you're going to see in the Balisong area and will immediately open up new possibilities in the handles of all blades. All of the normal handcrafted production will continue as before, side-by-side with whatever enhancements the VMC brings.

March brought to fruition a few fixed blade prototypes I've had on paper for some time now. As usual some will make it into the rotation and others may get left in the closet. The mini-ring knife (3 inch blade) has been a success and we're about to complete our first dozen. The knife will henceforth be known as the "Babymetal" Yes, I'm a fan. The Single edge-Double edge boot knife is very solid. I personally love the design and the concept. Look for more of those, and hopefully with a name in the future. Finally, the reboot of the Caprica design will be coming shortly. I actually had to order a much larger grinding wheel to cope with the bevel. For what that wheel cost, you had better believe that knife is going into the line. Finally there is a 5 inch geo-tanto that is on the fence. The cutting geometry and feel in the hand is spot-on, but it's tough to tell at this stage where that design is headed.

As for the elusive folders and Balisongs, one of each went out the door in March, both in Carbon fiber, and both were some of my best work to date. As for longblades we're on pace to double last year's output already. We'll try to get some more shirts out sometime in the next two months as well.

Posted on March 13, 2016 .