January/February production

January saw the completion of the PSF-27 run. This being the first time we've tried this spray-formed steel I have to say it threw us one curve in that I expected to acidwash and tumble the entire run (D2 chemistry). As it turns out the steel took a very bright and gorgeous satin finish... go figure. So, a few got acid washed and a few got a satin finish that looks great.

Additionally we've got 3 swords working in the shop that should be finished any day now. Its always a nice day when those go out the door.

February is going to bring a slew of prototypes in the 1/8" thickness category which means we'll be playing directly to our strength in the concealed-carry lightweight knives market. Upcoming knives will be asmall run of Nyca's which is our new mini-ringfighter design along with a long-overdue update to the Caprica design. Also we have a geo-tanto version of the Covert platform that will prove interesting.

The trial run of hawkbilled ringknives sold out almost immediately so we'll add a dozen more of those to February's list along with one balisong and two folders. Looks to be a busy month.

Posted on January 16, 2016 .