September Ringknives.

So here we have a nice little run of ringknives for September. We'll be featuring two designs from BIegler Bladeworks partner Ken Nishikawa and one that I modified. The longest of the set comes from Ken's Valhalla line and features his iconic recurve blade shape. The knife is unlike any other I've held. Its somewhat like swinging around a miniature battle axe. The secondary point leads so far out front of the tip that it launches itself into anything it comes in contact with.

The next up is the ringknife from Ken's Hades line. In sticking with the Hades geometry, the knife is geo-tanto. The straight edge makes for a great all-around use knife and it still maintains the choppy balance-point.

Lastly we have a modified version of the ring knife. I took the same handle and shrunk it about 10% and went with a hawkbill for the first time in Biegler Bladeworks history. I'm excited about this knife. Its really a handy little knife. I've had people asking me to do a traditional karambit for years but I wasn't interested in doing what had been done so many times. When I finally did do a karambit I made sure it was unlike anything I'd seen before, and it fit the carry and deployment method I thought was going to work. I have since discontinued that karambit, and now it will only exist as a folder, (which is awesome btw). This hawkbill ringknife is actually born out of neccessity as I needed a knife with this blade-profile to cut the sheath off of hay bales when I feed cows. I have the advantage of working a ranch, so I get to do a lot of T&E on blades. I will be keeping at least one of this set for that exact purpose, I think its going to be great.

Posted on September 4, 2015 .