October production

September was a very productive month for us. We banged out the entire run of ring knives and tacked on a batch of Waid Coverts as well. In addition to finishing up those knives we moved into a brand-new facility in Dallas, Texas. With this much going on its important to remember that a million small tasks and details add up to one huge accomplishment.

We will be opening a training facility in the same building as well which is really exciting for us. The synergistic relationship between practice and production is going to grow by leaps and bounds in 2016. Edged and impact weapons training will consist of a broad spectrum of platforms that encompass everything from the traditional, authentic system of Pekiti Tirsia Kali focusing on the live blade to modern applications of integrated concealed carry weapons carried covertly or deployed from a more military-style perspective.

Blades slated for completion in October:

We got our hands on a sheet of PSF27 steel for this month. This relatively new steel is D2 by chemistry however it is spray formed. This differentiates it from normal cast D2 by imparting properties that allow finer grain structure which gives it better edge-holding character and increased toughness. Being a fan of D2 I am excited to get into the blades for this month. We'll be taking advantage of the D2 chemistry and going for an acid-etch, black oxide tumbled finish on these blades. The result is going to be a limited run of Covert blackouts. There are a few other odds and ends in the batch, another pair of Rockstyles might make their way into the run as well as a pair of Renegades finished out in some gorgeous burl handle scales that we just got in.

The other looming projects are longblades. One Ginunting and one Talibong are up, as well as two special prototype projects that won't be available but will be helpful in pushing the envelope as far as new longblade designs go.

Unfortunately I don't believe there will be enough time to get to balisongs and folders this month, but we'll do our best.


Posted on September 29, 2015 .