A new website, a new shop

We are transitioning from the old shop at the ranch to a new shop in Dallas, Texas. While things will stay mostly the same after the transition, new machines and increased production will on the horizon for 2016.

I will be maintaining this blog to keep up with happenings in the shop and to give some notice as to what knives, swords and various platforms will be upcoming.

I am not exactly a blogger, or a writer, or a describer-of-things. And honestly the more time I spend talking, the less time I spend tackling my backorder queue. So with that, I'll get to the next run.

Decisions, decisions. For this run of 3/16 stock I'll be making some of my partner Ken Nishikawa's ring knives. I'll be doing both the Hades series (tantos) and the Valhalla series (recurves). After that it's wide open. I've got a few things to choose from: Fist of Hades (the quad-ring knvies), recurve bowies, push knives, a razor stick (the sword). The run is wide-open so please chime in if you'd like to see something and by all means reserve a blade if you've been waiting for these to come back around. This is the first run of these I have been able to get to this year. Blame folders and Balisongs for that!


Posted on August 13, 2015 .