November Production

I'll start by recapping. We started production in the new shop and the first blades to go out the door were 3 really fantastic longblades. Two Talibong and one Ginunting were completed in October and I couldn't be happier personally as I had to make the big stuff frist to make sure I had placed all of my machines in such a fashion as to allow the space to work on the largest of projects. We also started on the first 6 blades of the PSF27 blackout run.

November projects. Sun. Sand. Kali. Muay Thai. Back to South East Asia for Kali training in the Philippines and then back home to Thailand. Wife gets the beach, I get to eat, drink, be merry and hit pads.

I hope to have two new balisong for December as well as the majority of the blackout run of fixed blades.  All roads lead to 2016 as everything lights up at that point. Expect more blades and more training content as the gym comes to life.

Posted on November 3, 2015 .