Through June and July we were all about balisongs and longblades. June was swallowed by the production of 3 very complicated high-end balisongs. These will probably become collector's items as I don't think we'll be going there again. The knives are great but the construction method is really above and beyond what can be expected from a shop that hopes to put out more than a handful of knives in a month. 

That was followed by the first Ti sandwich balisong. That was a home run. This is the model for the next 8 balisongs we will produce in 2016. Full steam ahead on those.

The other projects that consumed shop time were ginuntings. We perfected the acidwash on those blades and we are loving the results. The finish is durable and is perfect for a blade that will see some use. In addition to those we did a short run of 8 Coverts that we are finishing up right now. They all went out with custom handle options and they are looking great. This will be the last run of Coverts for 2016 as we are going to start producing them only twice yearly.

For the remainder of August and into November we will be focused on longblades and balisongs exclusively. 

Biegler Bladeworks is about to take a massive leap in terms of production for 2017. We have been growing throughout 2016 when we moved into the new shop. The next step is the purchase of a Vertical Machining Center that will both substantially increase production numbers and simultaneously facilitate and enormous increase in the scope of what we can produce. Essentially what that means is all of the drawings and ideas we've had sitting on our hard drives for 10 years will get a chance to see the light of day. And trust me, that will be a lot of exciting projects.

Posted on August 18, 2016 .


Just a quick note here. 

I'll be at the Blade Show wandering the floor saying hi to friends and checking out all the cool products. I'll have a few shirts and patches with me. If you see me please stop me and say hi and grab some swag.

I'm going to open a short list on acidwash Ginuntings. The first set will be limited to 6. I'm going back through my emails and taking guys who were interested back to August of 2015. I'll work my way through the list and give people a chance to lock one down on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Posted on June 3, 2016 .

April/May production

Its about time to start planning upcoming projects for the Summer. If you have any comments about what you'd like to see please drop a line here. I can tell you for starters we'll have one more acidwash Ginunting and a couple Talibongs. Then we'll restock Coverts (there is one left) and do two runs of ring knives. After that we're wide open.

We took a bit of a break in April to do some marketing and admin stuff for my other venture - Muay Thai Dallas. I finally decided that I'd like to spread my love of the sport a bit to the people here in Dallas so I started a small PT gym where I take a few students to coach in Muay Thai. I have been involved in the Martial Arts for 20+ years and in addition to spending many of those years studying Asian weapon arts (what fuels the designs in Biegler Bladeworks) I spent 7 years living in Thailand full-time and training and coaching while there. So if you're in central Dallas please look us up.

We had some success with new equipment in May as we got the large tumbler working and this will allow us to do some nice acidwash and tumbled finishes on swords. You have to buy a monster tumbler to fit swords in it. Shakes the damn building! We're going to have to convert the (also large) surface grinder to belts so it's going to be a bit before we get that machine online. This should be a great help when we get it up and running. Its turned into a real time hog. Lastly the new knife grinder is a dream. The Wilmont is running like a top and its really helping production output already. We'll be going through these growing pains as I struggle to balance finding, building, buying and learning to use new machines with making and designing knives. 



Posted on May 28, 2016 .

March update

The focus in the shop this month has been increased production. To that end we've added a few large machines that should enhance our ability to finish the larger pieces in a more timely fashion. Based on feedback from the fan base I decided that not only would we ramp up production on concealed carry fixed blades but try to at least double sword production. The machines are large and noisy but nothing terribly sexy yet unless you're into grinders and other metal-finishing equipment.

Production will continue at a good pace until mid-April when we'll dive head first into a large CNC vertical machining center. That will be an entirely new direction for Biegler Bladeworks and the prospects are very exciting. This will definitely enhance what you're going to see in the Balisong area and will immediately open up new possibilities in the handles of all blades. All of the normal handcrafted production will continue as before, side-by-side with whatever enhancements the VMC brings.

March brought to fruition a few fixed blade prototypes I've had on paper for some time now. As usual some will make it into the rotation and others may get left in the closet. The mini-ring knife (3 inch blade) has been a success and we're about to complete our first dozen. The knife will henceforth be known as the "Babymetal" Yes, I'm a fan. The Single edge-Double edge boot knife is very solid. I personally love the design and the concept. Look for more of those, and hopefully with a name in the future. Finally, the reboot of the Caprica design will be coming shortly. I actually had to order a much larger grinding wheel to cope with the bevel. For what that wheel cost, you had better believe that knife is going into the line. Finally there is a 5 inch geo-tanto that is on the fence. The cutting geometry and feel in the hand is spot-on, but it's tough to tell at this stage where that design is headed.

As for the elusive folders and Balisongs, one of each went out the door in March, both in Carbon fiber, and both were some of my best work to date. As for longblades we're on pace to double last year's output already. We'll try to get some more shirts out sometime in the next two months as well.

Posted on March 13, 2016 .

January/February production

January saw the completion of the PSF-27 run. This being the first time we've tried this spray-formed steel I have to say it threw us one curve in that I expected to acidwash and tumble the entire run (D2 chemistry). As it turns out the steel took a very bright and gorgeous satin finish... go figure. So, a few got acid washed and a few got a satin finish that looks great.

Additionally we've got 3 swords working in the shop that should be finished any day now. Its always a nice day when those go out the door.

February is going to bring a slew of prototypes in the 1/8" thickness category which means we'll be playing directly to our strength in the concealed-carry lightweight knives market. Upcoming knives will be asmall run of Nyca's which is our new mini-ringfighter design along with a long-overdue update to the Caprica design. Also we have a geo-tanto version of the Covert platform that will prove interesting.

The trial run of hawkbilled ringknives sold out almost immediately so we'll add a dozen more of those to February's list along with one balisong and two folders. Looks to be a busy month.

Posted on January 16, 2016 .

November Production

I'll start by recapping. We started production in the new shop and the first blades to go out the door were 3 really fantastic longblades. Two Talibong and one Ginunting were completed in October and I couldn't be happier personally as I had to make the big stuff frist to make sure I had placed all of my machines in such a fashion as to allow the space to work on the largest of projects. We also started on the first 6 blades of the PSF27 blackout run.

November projects. Sun. Sand. Kali. Muay Thai. Back to South East Asia for Kali training in the Philippines and then back home to Thailand. Wife gets the beach, I get to eat, drink, be merry and hit pads.

I hope to have two new balisong for December as well as the majority of the blackout run of fixed blades.  All roads lead to 2016 as everything lights up at that point. Expect more blades and more training content as the gym comes to life.

Posted on November 3, 2015 .

October production

September was a very productive month for us. We banged out the entire run of ring knives and tacked on a batch of Waid Coverts as well. In addition to finishing up those knives we moved into a brand-new facility in Dallas, Texas. With this much going on its important to remember that a million small tasks and details add up to one huge accomplishment.

We will be opening a training facility in the same building as well which is really exciting for us. The synergistic relationship between practice and production is going to grow by leaps and bounds in 2016. Edged and impact weapons training will consist of a broad spectrum of platforms that encompass everything from the traditional, authentic system of Pekiti Tirsia Kali focusing on the live blade to modern applications of integrated concealed carry weapons carried covertly or deployed from a more military-style perspective.

Blades slated for completion in October:

We got our hands on a sheet of PSF27 steel for this month. This relatively new steel is D2 by chemistry however it is spray formed. This differentiates it from normal cast D2 by imparting properties that allow finer grain structure which gives it better edge-holding character and increased toughness. Being a fan of D2 I am excited to get into the blades for this month. We'll be taking advantage of the D2 chemistry and going for an acid-etch, black oxide tumbled finish on these blades. The result is going to be a limited run of Covert blackouts. There are a few other odds and ends in the batch, another pair of Rockstyles might make their way into the run as well as a pair of Renegades finished out in some gorgeous burl handle scales that we just got in.

The other looming projects are longblades. One Ginunting and one Talibong are up, as well as two special prototype projects that won't be available but will be helpful in pushing the envelope as far as new longblade designs go.

Unfortunately I don't believe there will be enough time to get to balisongs and folders this month, but we'll do our best.


Posted on September 29, 2015 .

September Ringknives.

So here we have a nice little run of ringknives for September. We'll be featuring two designs from BIegler Bladeworks partner Ken Nishikawa and one that I modified. The longest of the set comes from Ken's Valhalla line and features his iconic recurve blade shape. The knife is unlike any other I've held. Its somewhat like swinging around a miniature battle axe. The secondary point leads so far out front of the tip that it launches itself into anything it comes in contact with.

The next up is the ringknife from Ken's Hades line. In sticking with the Hades geometry, the knife is geo-tanto. The straight edge makes for a great all-around use knife and it still maintains the choppy balance-point.

Lastly we have a modified version of the ring knife. I took the same handle and shrunk it about 10% and went with a hawkbill for the first time in Biegler Bladeworks history. I'm excited about this knife. Its really a handy little knife. I've had people asking me to do a traditional karambit for years but I wasn't interested in doing what had been done so many times. When I finally did do a karambit I made sure it was unlike anything I'd seen before, and it fit the carry and deployment method I thought was going to work. I have since discontinued that karambit, and now it will only exist as a folder, (which is awesome btw). This hawkbill ringknife is actually born out of neccessity as I needed a knife with this blade-profile to cut the sheath off of hay bales when I feed cows. I have the advantage of working a ranch, so I get to do a lot of T&E on blades. I will be keeping at least one of this set for that exact purpose, I think its going to be great.

Posted on September 4, 2015 .

A new website, a new shop

We are transitioning from the old shop at the ranch to a new shop in Dallas, Texas. While things will stay mostly the same after the transition, new machines and increased production will on the horizon for 2016.

I will be maintaining this blog to keep up with happenings in the shop and to give some notice as to what knives, swords and various platforms will be upcoming.

I am not exactly a blogger, or a writer, or a describer-of-things. And honestly the more time I spend talking, the less time I spend tackling my backorder queue. So with that, I'll get to the next run.

Decisions, decisions. For this run of 3/16 stock I'll be making some of my partner Ken Nishikawa's ring knives. I'll be doing both the Hades series (tantos) and the Valhalla series (recurves). After that it's wide open. I've got a few things to choose from: Fist of Hades (the quad-ring knvies), recurve bowies, push knives, a razor stick (the sword). The run is wide-open so please chime in if you'd like to see something and by all means reserve a blade if you've been waiting for these to come back around. This is the first run of these I have been able to get to this year. Blame folders and Balisongs for that!


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